4:30 Path To Impact

Bradley Hughes demonstrates the 4:30 entry path in the downswing for a correct impact position.


BRADLEY HUGHES: So the golf ball is real indiscriminate. It doesn't care who's hitting it. It does what it's told.

That's why impact is a number one key to being able to play good golf. So let's talk about impact.

Our key purpose, no matter what we do on our backswing or downswing, and that's why so many golf swings can look different, is to get that face striking the ball in the direction that we want to go. And that's what we strive for first. So the number one thing about golf is to make impact to our target. Then we're going to be much better golfers for it.

So I have some sticks on the ground here. This one would be aligned straight down to my target. So from our view as a golfer, if we're looking at the ball as a clock, this would be 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 3 o'clock, and 9 o'clock. So 3 o'clock is where we want impact to happen.

But unfortunately, we can't keep bringing the club from 3 o'clock to get a proper strike. We really need to feel like the club is approaching at 4:30. And that's the key to entering into the ball for impact.

So what happens with that is, we have a whole lot of body closure. We have a whole lot of range of motion in our club. And everything can then turn through the ball. And that's what we want.

We want everything to turn through impact and not stop. If our club gets set to that 3 o'clock path too soon, my whole body stops and I become very hand and arm orientated. So I'm going to learn to hit a golf ball into the proper impact position.

So what I would do is turn and then set my wrist up so I've got that club on my 4:30 path. We go back a little bit for momentum, down and through. You get used to putting a strike on the ball, and what will happen is, once you learn impact, the rest of you swing will evolve to match.

So the 4:30 entry path is an illusion of sorts. But it's a good illusion to have because it smacks our club right into the back of the ball to our target.