Jason Dufner: Criss-Cross Practice Technique

Jason Dufner demonstrates the criss-cross drill.


And I think one of the drills I do most is this crisscross. This really helps me kinda--

You can really--

Stay in my posture--

Cover it with that right shoulder, right?

Yeah. Really cover it, and stay in that posture. Get that handle of the club, the grip end of the club, tight to my left hip. Low, high handle is not good for me.

Can we do one more with the drill? Show us that drill again?


I just kind of do a crisscross So this right toe'll kind of be in the middle of my left foot. And what that's actually doing, is it's actually helping me turn.

Gets bigger turn.

Gets me into my right glute--

And then you got to come out on it.

And then I got to come down on it, and I can really cover it and stay in that posture. My spine angle never really changes.

Just, it's right there.

You know.