Gaby Lopez - Takeaway Drill

Gaby Lopez shows us the takeaway drill, allowing her to start her backswing with proper wrist cock and square clubface.


Do you have any conscious-- what do you do with your wrists, like when this is not around?


And can you show-- how do you know it's correct?

So when I'm practicing, I'm a believer that when you're in the range, you've got to do all the technique part. When you're out there, you've got to stop thinking you got to just--


--play, and play with your instinct, right? So right here, I did drills which is divided in two. So I know that my take away is good when I move it with this.

So I don't go like this, I go with this. I try to move it with my chest. So I know that if I go with my chest, the club is not this way or the club is not this way. And another thing I want to make sure is I'm not rolling it.

No roll.

So if you roll it, and you're in the top, the club is going to be open. But if you just keep it straight, the club is going to be straight at the top.

And so once you get to-- once your chest starts it and you reach where it's stretched out, then you cock it up.

Right, so I like to have to drill. So I go step one to here, and then I'll go hinge, like if I will have that image of me-- and then I'll hit it.