Gaby Lopez - Plugged Lie

To play the plugged like in the bunker, Gaby Lopez focuses on her left hand and wrist, as well as the spine angle to be very stable.


Occasionally, we get these on-- comes in and wind got it, and it really goes in there.


Not so much what are we looking at here. Of course, we want it out, right?

Yeah. We just want it out. And, pretty much almost same thing, you want to square face. But you also want to make sure your left hand is strong enough to stop the club face.

Stop it, yeah.

Yeah, you want to stop it so the ball can pop out nice and soft.

No, you don't try to--


--lift it?

No, no. I like to stop it right here so the ball can--

Yeah, yeah.

--come as quickly out as possible. So-- and you want to be sure, you always want to have your spine angle and everything very stable.


This is what I think, in my case, your head is going to determine how stable you're going to be. So sometimes, if you just come up, the club face is going to just--

Go with it.

Go with it.


So, if you just focus on your head, and you can--

Steady, be steady.

Yeah, steady.



You made that one look easy, too. As you said, you said it correctly in the beginning, your hand's got to be strong enough, right?