Gaby Lopez - Uphill Bunker Shot

To play the uphill bunker shot, Gaby Lopez focuses on shoulders being parallel to the ground at address during setup, and uses a lower loft wedge to compensate for the uphill.


So how do you work on this one?

Well, in this one. I know I'm going to be-- I need to be parallel to the ground. But at the same time, I know the club is going to come with more loft. So I'd probably go with my 56.


Because this is going to play probably a 62.


And this is going to probably play as 58.

Yeah. So I want to swing up, just like the ground is. I don't want to dig into it, because if you kind of go into it, you might catch--

Cut it clean over the building. I notice when you're on your bunker shots, and particularly this one, you go down on the shaft pretty good. Is that?

I do go down, because I'm digging. So if you hit--

I see.

So if you hit just a normal shot from here, I wouldn't probably grip down so much. But as I'm going down in the ground, I'm closer to the ground. And I want to feel just the club is related to how deep I am.

I like it. I like it a lot. And so up here, you build that side hill, you build yourself a side hill.

You want to be stable as well. You want your face to be still. And you're going to swing. You're going to let the club determine the distance. You're not going to help it.

Sometimes what we try to do is help it. Or we want to see where the ball is going to go. But if you just trust that you have the right club, and the right lie, and the right swing, the ball is going to do whatever you want.

So I think changing the clubs is good, because there's less stress, right? You don't have to make as big of swing.

With my 60, I probably have to swing it so hard, because it's going to go so high.

Go up there, yeah.

But if I hit my 56, I know it's not going to go as high as with my 60. And probably, you can also play your 50, or even a different club. So we'll see.

Yeah. That was awesome.

And you know it's going to come high. And it's going to have a soft land. So it's not going to release as much as the one that's digging or the one down hill.