Gerina Piller: Preparing For A Tournament

Check out how Gerina Piller gets ready for a tournament on the LPGA Tour.


We're standing, quite possibly, on the most famous piece of practice turf ever. Right there, that little bag of balls represents Ben Hogan. This was his tree. Shady Oaks, Fort Worth, Texas.

Your course, right?

Yes, sir.

How did you finish up being so lucky to be right here?

Oh, I mean, I have a coach that's here, obviously. I work with Mike Wright.

And Mike's been here.

He has been here for quite some time.

He was-- Hogan hired him.

Correct I think it's over 35 years or so he's been here. He's got stories upon stories, and they never get old, and I never hear the same one twice.

And you told me earlier that Mike's been teaching you with your game, but he doesn't come out on tour. You're not a person that likes to be coached on tour. You come and do your work right here?

I do. I try to do all my work off the golf course, off, you know, tournaments. I like to go to a tournament not working on anything, already have done my work. And that's kind of where-- that's kind of like your test, you know? You don't take your study notes to your class to take a test. You've already prepared and done that beforehand.

So many people-- so many people and you mentioned it, like, Lydia Ko and so on, they have their coaches, and they do all their-- they do it on the fly, right there and all the new players-- like, for us, we didn't really have that either. We do it more like you did. A lot of the new players are pretty needy, right? Does that give you an advantage, you think?

In a way. I mean, I think that the hard part of being a professional golfer and what we do is finding out what works best for yourself, what Lydia and Ariya and all these girls do, it may not be good for me. And I think really finding what works for you is going to make you the most successful. And you know, for me, I found out that having a coach on tour, having come out to the tournament, you know, I want-- that's kind of like my little--


My little space, and that's where I go to prepare by myself. And I feel like if I can do the work beforehand, then I go, and I'm ready. And I don't have to do any much thinking. I'm not working on a certain move or anything like that.